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Our Services - Trademark, Trade Name and Domain Name

1. Clearing and Securing Marks. We search and advise clients on the availability of trademarks, service marks, trade names and domain names. We devise creative solutions for creating and adopting these intellectual properties and for obtaining them from other parties.

2. Registering and Managing Marks. We assist clients to protect their valuable intellectual properties through use and registrations in the United States and worldwide, drawing on our corporate experience and our established network of proven and effective foreign colleagues. Our extensive trademark experience covers a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Internet services
  • Telecommunications
  • Fashion, fragrance and jewelry retail and wholesale
  • Healthcare, medical, pharmaceutical, and nutritional supplement
  • Food services, national and regional restaurants and restaurant chains, food wholesale
  • Financial and capital management
  • Industry associations (including science, energy, medical, beauty, textile, mining, banking, food)
  • Architectural, construction and interior design
  • Entertainment (individuals, brokers, animation studios)
  • Arts (performance, public and professional)
  • Electronics and fiber optics
  • Defense
  • Hospitality and gaming
  • Computers, peripherals and software
  • Political (campaign, PAC and state committee)
  • Business management consulting
  • Wine, spirits and other beverage distillers and distributors
  • Automobiles and car care services
  • Condominium services
  • Think tanks
  • Festival and event services

3. Maximizing Value of Marks. We help clients derive greater profits from their intellectual property portfolios by designing licensing and protection programs, assignments, and other contracts, and conducting due diligence on IP matters. We also assist clients in policing and defending their marks, trade names and domain names against infringers.

4. Resolving Disputes. We devise innovative approaches to resolving intellectual property disputes, including negotiating purchases and coexistence agreements,  representing clients before intellectual property tribunals, and working with outside litigation counsel in federal and state trademark infringement, unfair competition, cybersquatting, antitrust, and breach of contract claims.

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